Official Win10 instructions missing?

Hey everyone, I’m trying to get up and running on Win10 and I’m running into some issues getting everything to work. Some of the recommended tools seem to be Linux only, which is a bit hard to believe, so I’m looking for an alternative setup. I tried using the official Lattice IDE but that seemed to not like the format of the constraint file that the git samples use. I tried using APIO as a plugin for Atom, which seems to produce a valid bitstream file, but fails to find/program the device due to some weird usb_open failure. Finally I tried to use Lattice Radiant to program the device with the APIO-created bitstream file, but that was another mess of errors.

Surely I’m not the only one using Win10 to do this, and there have to be official instructions somewhere, so I was wondering what the other Win10 users are doing to get things up and running. All help appreciated

As well as apio, you can also get (probably newer) prebuilt toolchains for Windows at (this should contain iceprog too) and for nextpnr (which is recommended over arachne-pnr).

To use iceprog you probably need to use Zadig to change which driver is used to libusbK:

Diamond or Radiant programmer should definitely work so long as they are set up to program flash rather than CRAM.

For the icebreaker-workshop that we are giving here at 36C3 we are using the fomu-toolchain. It seems to be working well on windows 10 too, and it contains everything including nextpnr and iceprog. Some details about the zadig driver setup is inculded in the icebreaker-workshop readme.