NewBe Question: Using a Breadboard


I am new to FPGA and feel particularly interested in the icebreaker given that its open source, including its tool chain.

I’d like to use it to write up little projects on a breadboard as well as together with a microbit or arduino.

What is the way to get the icebreaker pins into a breadboard – is there some kind of breakout board that i can purchase along …

thank you,


Hi @grossd,

Welcome to the forum.

I think the best solution for you would be to get some PmodDIP adapters? I am not sure if they make a pin header version of that. But you can connect the the host plugs together using the Pmod connectors and cables. But you could design a simple adapter that recreates this. We currently don’t have something like that in our lineup. If you do design an good adapter for breadboard use feel free to contribute it to the Pmod repository.

I hope this helps.