iCEBreaker Forum is moving to 1BitSquared

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I decided to move this Discourse forum from iCEBreaker-fpga domain to the 1BitSquared domain.

Don’t worry all your accounts and login information should stay the same as they are now, and you should be able to log in with your credentials. The forum will not physically move in any way, it will still be hosted on the same dedicated server as it is now. The will redirect to the new domain automatically, so I hope it should be a painless transition.

You might be asking why move things. I think this will help to make this forum more lively with more activity. This is a lesson I learned from moving the different chat channels that were spread between IRC, Gitter and others to Discord. It turns out that having a broader interest spread and exposing people interested in one topic to the other projects helps to keep the community engaged and active. Additionally I feel this forum could serve as a good seed for a general electronics and tech centered forum.

Another question you might have is why am I keeping a forum and not just use Discord fer everything. Where Discord is a great interactive real time communication platform and I highly encourage you to join our server and share your projects. Having a forum that is searchable, indexable, asynchronous and email compatible is also very important. People have different interaction and communication patterns and I would like to make 1BitSquared community as accessible as possible so I think the forum will be a good complementing platform to the Discord chat.

Ok, now that you know my motivation here are some plans going forward. Over the next few days I will move this forum from to Additionally I will be creating more categories and I will categorize the topics so that things are bit more organized. Besides the iCEBreaker specific topics I will be adding project categories for other projects as well as general electronics, fpga, asic, manufacturing, tools categories. I will create a separate meta category where we can discuss which categories and organization to use. I will do some preliminary sorting but I am open for input from the community. I would like this place to become home for not just specific 1BitSquared projects but for everyone interested in electronics, programming and hardware hacking in general.

I hope all of this makes sense. You are welcome to comment on this announcement with your thoughts and suggestions, but we will probably have to break out things into separate topics eventually. The meta category will be meant for that.

See you all on the other side.