iCEBcom project

Motivated by the experience with other platforms, I programmed some modules that allow a very simple communication between the host computer and the iCEBreaker.

On the FPGA, a number of input and output bytes provide the data transfer. On the host, example python GUIs (PyQT5) show how to control and display the data.

Please note that is more or less my first project that I make public. I am grateful for suggestions and constructive critique.


That is really nice! Thank you for sharing!

It would be very nice to include your programs in the iCEBreaker examples. If you create some pull requests to the repository i would be happy to merge them! :slight_smile:

If others have some input regarding the example structure and are willing to test your code, that would be very helpful I think.


Hi Piotr

I would be happy if you include it in your icebreaker-examples.
If I have time, I try to merge it myself. But I am not very experienced with git.