Does Basys3 support product PMOD Digital Video Interface?

In my understanding, PMOD Digital Video Interface only requires two 12-pin Pmod, which Basys3 has.
If Basys3 supports PMOD Digital Video Interface, where can I find some reference projects about this Pmod DVI? In other words, how can I use this Pmod DVI on Basys3? If not,why? Are there other restrictions(in hardware or software)?
Wish your reply, thanks a lot.

This is figure of PMOD Digital Video Interface.

Hi @Tranquil921,

Welcome to the forum. I agree that the DVI pmod should work with your dev board. We don’t have examples for your board.

We do have examples for the DVI pmod for the iCEBreaker and iCEBreaker-Bitsy FPGA dev boards.

As you can imagine we are not spending time developing examples for third party development boards, but rather for our own. But you might be able to port the iCEBreaker examples to your board without too much trouble.

I hope this helps.

Piotr Esden-Tempski

Thanks for your reply.
I wonder the differences between iCEBreaker and iCEBreaker-Bitsy FPGA dev boards.
If I want to port the example projects you provide to my own board, does that mean I only need to modify pins assignment?
And, where can I find the price of Pmod DVI?
Hope your reply.

It might be enough to just change the pin constraints aka. pin assignments.

You can find the 12bit DVI PMODs from US 1BitSquared Store, German 1BitSquraed Store and Mouser Electronics.


Thank you very much.
And what is the difference between dvi-4bit, dvi-12bit and dvi-24bit Pmod DVI?

Wish your reply.