Configure BMP as CMSIS-DAP

Is it possible to configure a black magic probe as CMSIS-DAP probe?


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Although it is theoretically possible to port a DMSIS-DAP firmware to the Black Magic Probe hardware I am not aware of anyone having done that.

In most cases that is not necessary though as you can just use a GDB server to directly talk to the BlackMagicProbe and majority of MCU development environments have that capability.

What is your specific situation that requires CMSIS-DAP? Is the GDB remote protocol option not possible?

Piotr Esden-Tempski

The answer: yes and no.
Yes, you can add a cmsis-dap probe to bmp. (cmsis-dap v1 is easy) The advantage is that you just connect the probe and switch between openocd and bmp as you like.
But you need free usb endpoints for the cmsis-dap probe. That means, drop either the second usb serial or the traceswo output. Or perhaps run bmp on a chip with more usb endpoints.