Blink Build error

I’m just getting started with my orangecrab board following the instructions for building the blink example and I get to the part where you’re supposed to run ‘make’ in the verilog/examples/blink directory and I get: Executing ABC9.
Running ABC command: “/yosys-abc” -s -f /abc.script 2>&1
ABC: sh: 1: /yosys-abc: Permission denied
ERROR: ABC: execution of command “”/mnt/nas/phil/tools/oss-cad-suite/lib/yosys-abc" -s -f /tmp/yosys-abc-u97QgE/abc.script 2>&1" failed: return code 126.
make: *** [Makefile:40: blink.json] Error 1

It does seem odd that it’s trying to execute a file from the lib directory: /mnt/nas/phil/tools/oss-cad-suite/lib/yosys-abc

Fixed. Had a sshfs mounted filesystem that wasn’t mounted with the follow_symlinks option so yosys-abc was just an empty file.